Body Bond is a sports injury tape and strapping supplier to athletes, sports teams and general support for aches and pains. Body Bond tape can be introduced to help support our day to day aches and pains from a physical job to working at a desk. There are a variety of products that can help minimize these aches and pains and target every area of the body that will improve movement and posture. 

The reason behind Body Bond is that there was a noticing of sports teams and athletes struggling or finding it tough to fork out hundreds or even thousands of pounds each month to fund sports tape... to support athletes and teams with high demand of  tape and strapping to encounter physical activity each week. So the team done some homework. We gathered info from hundreds of sports set ups and found that amateur level, semi professional and individual sports personnel was not getting the right quantity to professionally look after there players or sportsmen or women. which then resulted in purchasing cheaper products that was not at the highest quality to ensure body parts that need supporting and assistance was being met at a professional level. It is a waste of time for physios and for the athletes. I know this from a personal point of view where i was around the professional rugby environment and recently moving down the ranks noticing the tape products are no where near where they should be.

Body Bond Tape is a high quality product. Body Bond is guaranteed the cheapest sports tape and strapping on the market. There to help improve injury prevention , support and stability in any physical activity. The product is tried and tested by professional level physios and athletes. the product is highly recommended and is well in price range. 

Looking after your players and physio to under go there jobs each week to a professional standard really goes a long way. We know this from a questionnaire that we had take place to UK rugby and football Clubs one of many comments was 

"We have recently been supplied tape from Body Bond it looks good we all look more professional on the field"

"It's good to know that our club provides essential medical strapping to ensure we are looked after by our physio staff to help us with injuries at the end off the game we have put our bodies on the line for the badge"