The BB Grass Route Rugby Taping Pack has been created for the amateur teams who have a budget of tape around £800 - £1200 a season. So we have worked out an affordable monthly pack which is plenty enough for every player to be strapped with different niggles and injuries they carry throughout the game. Also, enough lineout thigh Tearable EAB tape for around 4 - 5 players ( second rows and back rows ) a game, for 4-5 games. We have also set up this affordable bundle as a monthly pack so you just have enough each month so nothing goes missing, or chucked on the floor, swept up and in the bin. A lot of teams are wasting tape when they buy in bulk for the year as it is not managed and the players helping themselves. Another quality to this monthly pack is you will not be forking out big money, it is a steady sum of £89.99 a month with nothing major leaving the clubs bank. This works out for £809 for the whole year. we can also set up a paid plan for you each month so that one designated person who deals with tape supplies isn't running around and trying to sort it at the last minute, we will do that for you at Body Bond. If you do not need a top-up on everything then you can just give us a quick message and we will change the price and your order right away. But this pack has been made by the experience of orders we get from teams at the amateur level.


This Pack Includes:


16 Rolls of 7.5cm x 7m Tearable EAB ( White or Black )

10 Rolls of 5cm x 7m Tearable EAB ( White or Black )

12 Rolls of 2.5cm x 4.5m Standard Straight Edge EAB

5 Rolls of 3.8cm x 13m Tan Zinc Oxide 

5 Rolls of 5cm x 13m Tan Zinc Oxide 

2 Rolls of 5cm x 10m BB Fixation Tape

2 Rolls of 7.0cm x 27m BB Underwrap 

BB Grass Route Rugby Taping Pack