5 Rolls of 2.5cm x 14m white cotton zinc oxide.

5 Rolls of 5cm x 14m white cotton zince oxide

3 Rolls of 7.5cm x 27m  Foam Underwrap


This kit has been made on experience to what our boxing customers tend to buy to look after there hands.

This is mostly for the individual boxer or someone who trains by striking blows to any object such as punch bags, speed balls, coordination balls, pads, or bodies. 


hand wraps do not cut the mustard. You should be always taking the time to strap your hands before every boxing session you do. You must have support when your are forcefully hitting any type of boxing training equipment. 

This will decrease risk of 

  • Breaks 
  • Fractures
  • Sprains 
  • Hypo Extensions
  • Arthuritis In Years To Come 

Boxers Hand Taping Kit