12 Rolls of 7.5cm x 7m Tearbable Light EAB 


Brilliant Lineout out tape 


Very Light

Very grippy for lifters 


This Tape in the last few years has moved on from the Thick EAB Tape


Tearble EAB has a wrinkley and kind of a rubbery feel which assists in lifting the jump in the air to an higher advantage of winning back your set peice. 


it does not hold no where near as much water as the old EAB.


You can even add lifting blocks that fit comfortably in the Tape for extra Grip for you listerd advantage.


Be at the TOP of your game.

Must have for lifters if you wont that edge in the set peice game. 

If buying for team bulks check out the Tapes and strapping page where we do boxes for bigger discount. 

EAB Line Out Leg Tape