10 Rolls of 5cm x 4.5m Cohesive Bandage

10 Rolls of 7.5cm x 4.5m Cohesive Bandage

16 Rolls of 7.5 x 4.5m EAB YELLOW LINE DOWN MIDDLE

16 Rolls of 5cm x 4.5m EAB YELLOW LINE DOWN MIDDLE

2 Rolls of 5cm x 5m K Tape 

4 Rolls of 7.5cm x 27m Foam Underwrap

8 Rolls of 5cm x 14m White Cotton Zinc Oxide 


Preferrd Colours of Cohesive bandage are available to match your kit

first order could potentially be a 7 day wait. Orders after the first will be ready at all times.


K tape colours TAN PINK BLUE BLACK.


You can select colours in the option section or send us an email to ryansalesinfo@bodybondsportstape.com or a call on 07365060050 to select your colours on these tapes above.


Also get in touch to change tapes in this bundle or create your own.

Football Bundle