Our shipping terms at Body Bond. All products will be sent out within 24 hours of order if we have not arranged otherwise with you. We charge a small fee for Delivery, we make no profits on this, this is just the couriers prices set. We also give you the delivery option of express, or standard delivery. Also, you can choose from our partnered delivery companies that you would like to deliver your goods. If your product is lost in transition or damaged we will then open up a claim with the delivery company to resolve the problem and we shall make sure you receive your order within the next 48 Hour Period with no other charge. Although we would like the damaged goods back, we will arrange for this to happen and photo evidence would be greatly appreciated. If your items from us have arrived and you will not be at your shipping address to which you instructed, then we cannot take any responsibility for that, However we will make sure you receive a text or an email to verify these dates or times. if you have any alternative delivery requirements please get in touch so we can supply the couriers with the information you have sent to us i.e. leave with a neighbor or leave in a specific place. Again, once goods have already been delivered, we are not responsible for wherever you would like your goods to be delivered that is not direct to you. All our orders will be sent out on time, if somehow, we will be delayed, you will be notified on this and we shall then resolve the problem on our behalf. We will also provide you with a tracking number so you can keep an eye on your order. All of our couriers companies we use, take photos or give us confirmation of how many parcels were delivered to their delivery destination, so we know if you have received your order and are not missing any parcels or boxes. If this happens, and you only receive a partial delivery, then give us a contact and we can raise the problem with the couriers, or you can do it for yourselves. Usually shipping all goes smoothly but, sometimes there can be delays with the delivery companies or other complications.


At Body Bond, you can raise an enquiry for a refund with no fuss. If you are not happy with your product we can 100 per cent take back what you have received and give you a calculated refund if anything has been utilized, if not then a full refund you will be entitle to. If you are not happy with any service we provide and want to request a refund, then we shall get in contact to see if we can resolve this. If then we do complete your satisfaction, then we can go ahead with your refund.

When ordering in large quantities and you have agreed to our terms and conditions of a pre pay order, we then proceed to manufacture, and then you have change of plan, we cannot go back and give you a refund. But we are open to seeing how we can resolve this just get in touch as soon as you can. there will be a 24-hour cancellation period from the time you ordered your bulk order.